Sunday, July 8, 2012

Breastmilk vs Milk formula

What is the different's of breast milk and milk formula?

In milk formula you can achieve the body you wish for your baby but in breast milk its not, but it makes your baby in body good shape but not as an obese like in milk formula. 

Milk formula can give your baby a nutrients that it is needed but not like in breastfeeding it has complete nutrients plus a colostrum that cannot be found in milk formula.

The colostrum of a breast milk can help your babies to keep stay away from cough,colds and flu upto 1 year old and it also help mothers to be physically and mentally fit after giving birth and breast feeding mothers never feel the post postpartum syndrome.

Breast milk can help mothers to have a good night sleep not like in milk formula the mother oblige to be wake up every 4hrs just to fix a milk for their babies. 

Although breastfeeding mothers have a good night they can still give a milk to their babies honestly breastfeeding babies has no limit when they want a milk but in milk formula you cannot exceed the milk limit that your pediatric doctor prescribed.

Some babies has a lactose intolerance that the mother need to be aware regarding it or else it will leads to your babies sick. If the baby has lactose intolerance the milk formula they need is a free lactose milk. While in breast milk it never cause any lactose intolerance and the breast milk is the most safest milk for babies.

The breast milk is good for babies up to 2 years old but if a mother decided to go back to work they can extract their breast milk and store it to refrigerator and its good up to 8hrs or it depends to your pediatric prescribed.

Some formula milk has a strong formulation that can be cause a mouth blister to your babies the best solution I already did regarding this is after I give a milk formula to my baby I give also a drinking water and clean the mouth and tongue by a soft cotton.  Honestly my 3rd baby got a blister mouth because of milk formula so I seek for his pedia doctor advice and he was prescribed by a daktarin by putting a small amount of daktarin to his pacifier and let my baby suck it. Daktarin is good because after 2days the blister was already healed. Because of that situation I switch to breast milk and happy to tell you that I'am well satisfied for the benefits that me and my baby get from breast milk and also breast milk give me and my baby a good bonding.

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