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Baby Foods

Baby Foods

Before introducing foods to your sweet angel its better to consult first to their pedia doctor to know if you can able to give food to your baby or if your sweet angel doesn't have any food allergy.

You can also observe, if your baby show interest to a food that is also another way to know if your baby is ready for food. Usually it starts during 6months but in my experienced my baby start showing his interest to food when he reached his five months old.

At first I just give him fruit juices. Then after a month I give cereal. I really enjoy this stages because I make experiment for my babies foods.

Recipe for Baby Foods:
(I have my own recipe for my litte angle. My baby really loves apple and banana so every time I prepare a meal I make sure there is apple or banana. )

I named it as Applecabana

1. Peel, core and cut apple into slices/chunks 
2. Place slices or chunks into a pan with just enough water to slightly cover apples and boil/steam until tender; be sure to check on the water level and stir
3. Apples may be mashed with banana and breast milk to become smooth apple banana sauce.

Thats it you can have applecabana for your baby it is very nutritious because of apple, banana and breastmilk combination. You can serve applecabana with apple juice that you get from apple extract.

Another is Bananas

1. Ripe Banana - Bananas do not need to be cooked
2. Breast Milk or Milk is needed
3. Peel and cut a ripe banana into small dices
4. Mash with a scrambled egg

Thats it you can have your bananas you can served this with milk.

There are lots of cooking books when comes of baby foods the important here is you know how to add the favorite foods of your baby to the food you prepare for them to make them enjoy eating and always think for the nutrients they can get from the food you served for them.

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